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Waste identification is the start of the journey, but using the right technology is critical to our process. We use the latest machinery our industry has to offer to ensure we have consistent blend of materials.


Waste streams are managed into the correct category to ensure we are getting the most suitable materials for our process. By employing best business practices, strict regulation of process, logistics and storage, our business has gained several accreditations from the Environment Agency, keeping us up to date with the latest legislation and guidelines.

We have a production capacity of 10,000 tons per annum.


At KB we believe we are a manufacturing thoroughbred, we extrude, print and convert all our films in house to the highest standard of production and quality control.

We have a variety of extruders, printers and bag machines to convert our raw materials into the products that our customers require, along the way we have created bespoke quality procedures to keep the process efficient, robust and low-cost.


Our 500 pallet warehouse allows us to stock hold your orders for call off, we utilise it to help provide our partners with price stability and quick turnaround times. 

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