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organic and sustainable

A strong foundation is built on firm ideas. Our ethos of organic and sustainable growth is an underpinning value of our business. Over the three generations within our business our growth has been attributed significantly towards our organic approach. Successes attained within that time are only successes if they are sustainable and create longevity.

our facilities


KB Extruders has grown from its humble beginnings in Birmingham during the early 1980s.


KB Extruders is a third generation family run business which was formed in the early 80’s from a small unit in the Birmingham industrial heartland. With a simple extruder and bag maker we were in production.

In recent years we have invested significantly in our recycling capabilities, quality control, performance, and high speed output machines. Giving us complete control over the manufacturing process, whilst achieving a consistent product and a reliable service every time.

Decades later we are a leading and independent UK manufacturer of refuse sacks, with full reverse integrated supply capability. Our machines are at the forefront of technology and we are always eager to future proof our achievements.

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